Macro Monday – May 22nd 2023 – Purple Heart

Macro Monday – May 22nd 2023 – Purple Heart

Happy Monday! I hope you’re having a great one! It’s almost been a whole year since the last time I did a Macro Monday… Let see if we can pick this up again. Today’s photo is of the beautiful Tradescantia … Continue reading

Silver Eye / Wax-eye / Tauhou

Evie and I made some suet cakes for the wax eyes… I think they love it! “Silvereye (Zosterops lateralis) were self introduced in the 1800s and now have a wide distribution throughout New Zealand. The silvereye’s Māori name is tauhou, which … Continue reading

Macro Monday – June 6th 2022 – Pine

Happy Monday! What a beautiful day it is today, I hope you’re enjoying it. Todays Macro Monday gets up close and personal with a female pine cone’s scales. Cool fact from “Did you know that female pine cones open … Continue reading

Macro Monday – May 30th 2022 – Penny Bun

Happy Monday! Evie and I were a bit sick last Monday (darn covid) and we accidentally missed Macro Monday but we are back to feeling great and back for this weeks Macro Monday! Mat took Georgie for a walk down … Continue reading

Macro Monday – May 9th 2022 – Marlborough Rock Daisy

Happy Monday! I hope you’re well! Today’s image is probably one of my favourite Macro Mondays so far, it is of the lovely Marlborough Rock Daisy in it’s final form, it once had bloomed a disk of beautiful tiny yellow … Continue reading

Macro Monday – May 2nd 2022 – Classic Red

Happy Monday! How are you? Today’s image is of the magnificent LD Braithwaite (a stunning David Austin English Rose). “The brightest, light crimson blooms of all the English Roses. The petals are loosely arranged to form beautiful, large, slightly cupped … Continue reading

Macro Monday – April 25th 2022 – Lest We Forget

Hello! Happy special Monday! Todays image (Poppy seed head) seems to fit in a tiny bit with the special day that it is today, Anzac Day. Fourth verse of Laurence Binyon’s ‘For the fallen’ “They shall grow not old, as … Continue reading