Day 6

Six days into 2017 and off to a good start here. Weather has been a bit wet and windy but everything is still looking beautiful.

I tried to capture this stunning Calla Lily in mid bloom today. The wind wasn’t helping at all, nor the lack of sun but I am happy with the outcome.

Day 6 - 06/01/17 - Calla Lily

January 6th 2017 – Zantedeschia aethiopica – Calla Lily

I hope 2017 has been kind to you so far. 🙂 x


Finally reached over 10,000 views (actually a little while ago but sadly I was too busy to notice) But I am super excited and hugely grateful to all of you who have taken the time to look at my photography!! A million thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years, you guys are awesome. It has been a long (sooo long) time since I updated anything on here but I have added a few newer photos today and hopefully I will be able to take photos more regularly soon.

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Flowers and Other Plant Life


Thanks again everyone! 🙂 xo