Day 47

Found this guy hiding in the curtain of a glass door. Photos for day 48 and 49 will be uploaded on day 50 (possibly 51…) as I am off to Auckland for the weekend to visit Dad’s family. 🙂

Hope all is well with you guys. x

Day 47 - 16/02/17 - Through Glass

February 16th 2017 – Through Glass


Day 21

Found this beautiful little guy at the pistol club today. Caught him sneaking out to grab a fly that had flown in to his web. Sadly I only got to admire his beauty for all of 30 seconds before he scurried away into his hideyhole.

Day 21 - 21/01/17 - Garden Orbweb Spider - Eriophora pustulosa (Walckenaer)

January 21th 2017 – Garden Orbweb Spider – Eriophora pustulosa (Walckenaer)