Wow it’s been a while…

Hello! I hope you guys are all keeping safe and well… I recently had to pay my WordPress subscription and I was like hmm when was the last time I actually posted anything? 11 months ago?! And that was only one of two since 2019… mmm…

I guess during that time I’ve just been busy, living life, working, getting married and birthing a beautiful baby girl… but I think it’s time I started making use of the money I’ve been putting into having a blog and owning a URL.

So I brought my camera to work yesterday and Tamara, being awesome, brought me a beautiful twig off a wee pink miniature rose so I could use my lunch time to take photos instead of shopping at spotlight (since having a daughter I’ve been really getting into sewing tunics, dresses and bloomers haha).

Anyway, here is the result (unstacked, I did take some to stack at a later time but I don’t seem to be able to do that on my phone? So I guess watch this space?)

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